Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Hampshire done, S. Carolina coming up, the race goes on. Time to get the lead out.

The New Hampshire primary is in the books. Romney wins as expected with Ron Paul having a good second place showing. Paul can't possibly win the nomination but the rest of the field better take his supporters seriously and adopt some of his domestic policy, they'll need his people to win in November. Newt is the big loser, as a supporter I am pissed, the smartest guy in the room is missing the point. Bashing Romney and Bain Capital is the wrong track, he should stick to policy of which he is the strongest by far. Take a page from the Romney book, attack Obama, Mitt has this down and it makes him look like the eventual nominee. Newt needs to appear even more like the nominee rather them someone trying to catch up. Now we go to the south Carolina primary, Newt is in second place in the polls, it's time to make a good showing, act like the nomination is his and get on with it. Newt, run like you are the winner, let Santorum, Perry and Huntsman play the part of "hope we can get through this" runner ups. I expect SC to be the end of Perry and Santorum will probably make it through Florida but no further unless someone comes up with a pile of cash. All in all it's very interesting to watch things unfold sitting out here yelling at my TV.

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