Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iowa Caucus timeline.... Now it begins

7:56 PM PST
With 88% of the vote in Santorum is slightly ahead of Romney with Paul just behind by a few percent. Newt is in fourth and Perry and Bachmann way behind. Well time for Bachmann to get out, tired of her whining and spouting half truths with out regard for facts.
8:00 PM PST
Fox projects Paul will be third and Newt fourth.
8:12 PM PST
Ron Paul done speaking, pointing out that even coming in third is good and that his message is getting through more this year then ever.
Paul showed that his organization is strong and this should get him a bump in raising money. I think it's good to have him in for a while, he forces the rest of them to address economic and constitutional matters.
8:25 PM PST
Newt done speaking, said despite 7 million in negative ad's he is OK with the results and on to New Hampshire. He pointed out that Santorum' success was accomplished without negative adds and gave him an "attaboy" for running a good campaign. Also he reserves the right to answer those ad's in the future but won't stoop to just putting out ad's to slam the competition.
8:38 PM PST
Bachmann speech done, even coming in sixth place, last, she is still giving the same old stump speech. Face it Mrs. B, your done!!
8:42 PM PST
Santorum over Romney by 106 votes with 96% of the votes counted, Wow it's close!
8:57 PM PST
Perry done speaking. Good speech, touching. Sounded a little like he is thinking about dropping out. He said he needs to assess what the next step will be. Coming in fifth it may be time to go.
9:06 PM PST
97% of the votes counted, some guy in a truck with the last of the votes to be counted and Santorum ahead by about 100 votes...tight!
9:36 PM PST
"Game On" Santorum just finished his speech. Best I have seen from him, very inspiring. If he can keep up the momentum he could be the dark horse in this race.
9:48 PM PST
Romney done talking, good speech. Concentrated on beating Obama more then the others. Like him but there is still that ?something? that puts me off.
10:45 PM PST
99% of the vote in, TV reporting the guy in the truck wasn't true, two counties left to count and they don't know where they are!! Santorum over Romney by 18 votes, to close to call...geez!!!
11:00 PM PST
According to Karl Rove on Fox inside source Romney wins by 14 votes, waiting for official results.
11:32 PM PST
Final tally, with 122,255 votes cast Mitt Romney wins by 8 votes over Rick Santorum. 8 Freaking votes!! The real winner here is clearly Santorum coming from the back of the pack just 2 weeks ago to within 8 votes from the win. This is going to get interesting.

On to New Hampshire......

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