Sunday, September 25, 2011

The left just doesn't get it, check this out!

Great clip from CBS Face the Nation. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Democratic Representative from  Florida perhaps one of the farthest left Obama butt kissers in congress still blaming all our troubles on Bush. Hey Debbie, Bush has been gone for 3 years get over it, you guys own it now, this is the Obamaconomy lock stock and barrel.  Love it, the new Democratic slogan "It could have been worse" replaces that hope and change thing. OBama himself said if he couldn't fix the economy in 3 years he should be a one term President, well he has proved he hasn't got a clue what to do so I support that assessment. Bye Bye BO.

We'll give Debbie a Green Level CPA just for being such an idiot, Congrat's!

Cain wins Florida straw poll

Herman Cain won the straw poll in Florida, so much for those racist republicans huh! Cain is a serious contender for right now. He is one of the only candidates that will answer a question straight on with out a bunch of talking points. I at least hope he stays in the field for awhile, his input is important to the conversation. Here is a link to the details of the win.  Congratulations to Mr. Cain.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fox / Google Debate

Last nights debate on Fox didn't reveal anything new but did show more depth in the candidates. I think Romney was the winner but Ron Paul won by a wide margin in the Fox online poll. Perry better get himself together, he comes off as akward and unprepared, not good, whoever is the nominee will have to be on his toes to debate Obama, no doubt, credit where due Obama can talk the talk but( that's all he seems able to do). This time there was a newcomer to the lineup, Gary Johnson, another former Governor that doesn't have a chance even though he did deliver the best soundbite of the evening. "My neighbors two dogs have created more shovel ready jobs then this administration." he said, great line even if he did lift it from Rush as it later came out. The discourse between Romney and Perry heated up with both arguing about what they have wrote in there books. I think Romney won most of the jabs but find overall the back and forth a bit distracting. Thinking back to 2008 the front runners were Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson and we all know what happened to them. I don't know if either one of these guys are going to make it, still to early to tell. I thought Newt did well again, always steady and to the point. Bachmann continues to backtrack, she just seems to rehearsed. Paul was great, love our crazy uncle! All in all a good debate, the moderators did a great job and kept the show going, giving ample time for all to respond. Off and running, on to the next one.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tom Ridge endorses Jon Huntsman for President

Ahhhhhh, ok, so what.... Ex Homeland Security Secretary that doesn't matter supports guy that doesn't stand a chance. Gee glad I saw that in the news! See I'm fair, I can knock Republicans LOL!

Obama's Attack Watch is instant joke

The Obama team has launched another web site, this time they are looking for info on anyone who voices there displeasure with the Prez. The problem for them is that it took less then 24 hours for it to become a big joke. Do these morons really think Americans are going to run around the web and snitch on fellow Americans that don't agree with the sludge the Whitehouse spews out day in and day out. Descent is part of the system, we are allowed to disagree, that's what makes us different from most of the rest of the world, that's why as Americans YES we are better then "them". Hey Obama, your site is a joke and we don't give a crap how you want to spin it, your administration is a load of crap as well. Long live the truth, you won't find it on Attack Watch, that's for sure!

Just because it's so stupid, we give Attack Watch a green level CPA

These videos hit the web within hour's of "Attack Watch", Very funny!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GBTV goes live

Glenn Beck TV started it's full broadcst schedule Monday. I highly recommend it, very well done and I am a Beck fan. Don't agree with everything but feel he has a point of view that needs to be listend to. Even if you don't like him you have to give him credit for this undertaking. A full web based network with top notch production values on this scale has never been done. The set, video quality, everything was as good as Fox had to offer. This could be the future of TV, it couldn't have been done just a few years ago but now with high speed internet almost everywhere here we go. Also launched, very smart, were the iPhone and iPad apps, they work great as well. If his business model works you will see a lot of this, I think it's great! Good luck Glenn, I'll be watching!

CNN Tea Party debate

Well, CNN did a better then expected job putting on the debate unlike the super bias MSNBC. I thought Wolf did a good job as moderator, he kept it moving along and gave each of the candidates time to address there questions without letting them dwell to long. Bachmann stepped up her position and I think gained some points. Perry was on the defensive a lot, you would expect he would have to being the front runner, they were after him. I don't care much for his giving in state tuition to illegals or his executive order making vaccinating 12 year old girls against the papilloma virus mandatory but at least he had the balls to admit he was wrong. Romney was slick as ever and had a few good one liners. Cain came across good again, likeing him more all the time. Loved his answer to those that said he doesn't understand how Washington worked.."it doesn't" he said, can't argue with the facts! Ron Paul was feisty as ever.
The after rap up was much better then MSNBC, I didn't get to see it all but what I did see looked to be fairly middle of the road with equal right and left representation. In all CNN did a good job staying in the middle, I give Blitzer credit, he set the tone early.
Here is a good article on the CNN web site for more.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Obamas "Jobs for America" plan earns a CPA

I was going to write about Obama's Jobs speech but came upon this article that really says it all.

Obama's job plan earns him his first 2011 COW PIE AWARD

MSNBC GOP Debate coverage wins first award of the season!

MSNBC gets a COW PIE for the most bias coverage ever for a political event. Fox is slanted to the right, yep I said it BUT even though they are they still have the least bias news on the planet, yep I said that to! Now lets look at MSNBC, or should we say the Obama BJ channel, I have never seen anything like it. This joke of a news network is all far left all of the time. There coverage of a GOP debate was a bad joke, who even allowed this to happen? And to have it at the Reagan Library, what an insult, you could hear Reagan screaming from his grave....Nooooooo......
Post debate coverage was just plane insulting. Left, Left Left.......... what a joke!!

GOP Rundown

OK now, here we are, the GOP stage is set, we have our candidates (we think). We have had a couple debates and are getting to know what they are about. Here is a quick thought on what I think so far.

Michelle Bachmann
I like her, she is the Tea Party Favorite but although the Tea Party is an important group you can't get elected with them alone. Lets just sum it up with some reality.... she won't get the nomination and can't win against Obama... she's out.

Newt Gingrich
The smartest man in American politics today. Nobody understands government like Newt. I would vote for him in a second. His understanding of issues and solutions is miles past the rest. Sad to say though, he ain't gonna get it...he's out. I hope he continues to campaign as long as possible, his viewpoint is imperative to the debate.

Ron Paul
Love Ron Paul, the GOP's crazy uncle. He is the most radical of all in his views, a strict constitutionalist. One area that he is spot on about is the Federal Reserve and money policy, listen up folks, pay attention to crazy uncle Paul, this is one area he is totally right on. Nuff said...he's out.

Herman Cain
The real thing, a business man that understands what it takes. Like this guy, he answers questions the clearest of all the candidates. Love that whatever they ask him he answers "1-you gotta do this 2- then this 3- then that". He knows his subjects and is clear on what he feels is needed to address them. His 999 tax plan may be a bit simplistic but at least he has a plan. Unfortunately he can't win--he's out.

Jon Huntsman
Who? OK, seems like a smart guy but doesn't have a chance. He should be kept for consideration for the guy that does win, his experience with China would be valuable.

Rick Santorum
I like him, bright man. Maybe a good pick for VP but he can't beat Obama so he's out.

Rick Perry
The current front runner and newest addition to the lineup. Don't know much about him yet but he seems OK. I don't know from what I have seen if he is smooth enough to win but will reserve my opinion for a while.

Mitt Romney
The most likely candidate to win the nomination. Smart businessman, that is a big plus, someone that has actually run something. He has a few skeletons though, the biggest is Romneycare. Although he is set to kill Obamacare it's still a problem for him to get over. I must admit there is just something, don't know what, that turns me off, hope to get over it. I think it is as the talking heads have pointed out, he needs to get his smooth on... we'll see.

There you go, my choice is Newt but I do live in the real world. Let's just get someone that can beat Obama because the bottom line is, a chimp on crack would be better then OhBummer!


Here is the COW PIE threat chart. Awards will be placed on posts when warranted. Based on the old Homeland Security color rating you can check the chart to see how serious a threat an award recipient is to the welfare for our country. Enjoy!!!

Here are the awards as you will see them on posts.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Welcome to the new Moov-On blog. For some background you can go to my old page at to see where it all began. I make no bones about what the contents here will be. This is my opinion and viewpoint, I am a Republican, far right but not religious right. Comments are very welcome but will be screened before allowed to post.
As you can see the name of the blog is Moov-On, your right it is a take off on that far left web site and every insult, parody, mock and disparaging implication is fully meant. George Soros is pure evil in my book.
This is the home of the infamous COW PIE AWARDS, I will post the COW PIE chart from time to time so you can find out what the awards mean.

I will try to keep up but be patient, time is limited. Most of the posts may be links and quick comments.

The 2012 election cycle begins, Obummer MUST go. Let the dirt fly, this should be fun!!!